Share Market Investment

The Primary Market is the IPO Market

Clients who have BO accoounts with AB & Co. Ltd. can apply for IPOs, i.e. Initial Public offerings.

Initial public Offering (IPO) is when a new share comes to the Stock Market, and clients have the opportunity to apply for it via IPO application process and have the chance to get an IPO share via lottery system. Money deposited/used for the application is returned to the applicant(client) at the end of the process.

The Secondary Market is the active Share Market

Here, clients who have BO accoounts with AB & Co. Ltd. can trade in shares/securities of companies that are listed on Dhaka Stock Exchange.

We only offer Cash accounts, so clients will need to deposit money in their BO account before they can use it to trade.

After buying, depending on the share group (A, B, N, G or Z), the client will have to wait T+2 (for A, B group) or T+9 (for Z groupp) before they can sell the purchased share.

Matured balance can be withdrawn from the client account via withdraw requisition on any working day.